During the ISA/ISPID Joint Conference in Sydney, Australia, the ISPID Distinguished Researcher Award 2010 was extended to André Kahn.

The late Professor André Kahn was the 2010 recipient of this award for his work over 25 years furthering the understanding of the mechanisms involved in sudden infant death syndrome. André had a long and distinguished medical and scientific career which began in 1975. He was instrumental in founding the European Society for the Study and Prevention of Infant Death (ESPID) in 1990. He worked tirelessly to achieve an international consensus on the scoring of arousals from sleep in infants (published in 2005). André was also instrumental in the development of the Alice Sleep Recording System, which is now used worldwide for recording physiological parameters during sleep. During his career he published over 180 articles, mainly on SIDS and Apparent Life Threatening Events (ALTEs).

His death in 2004 was a blow to the SIDS family, however his research legacy continues through the numerous researchers he trained and through his ideas which have made a significant contribution to our understanding of the mechanisms involved in SIDS.