Every year there are about 2.65 million stillbirths all over the world and many millions more babies are miscarried. For most parents who have little experience with death, there is often great fear about seeing their baby (no matter the gestational age) after birth. Yet, the decisions made at this time become the foundation for grieving which usually (though not always) begins with meeting and then saying goodbye to their baby. This has created some confusion for professionals about how to present babies to their parents and how to handle this sensitive time.

In early 2010 an international committee of bereaved parents and parent advocates set a goal to create guidance for hospital-based professionals on helping families say hello to their babies, despite the fears. Parents and professionals from all over the world, representing many organizations including ISPID, worked collaboratively to review the history, protocols and standards, empirical and research evidence to create this statement. The 2011 released Position Statement's preamble further explores the background.

Unified Stillbirth Position Statement