The ISPID Stillbirth Working Group is composed of scientists and parents who are focusing on stillbirth prevention. The death of a baby through stillbirth is a tragic event for any family while the huge number of stillbirths worldwide is an important health issue that so far has lacked attention and resources. Cause of death in stillbirth is often undetermined. However, many of these deaths can be prevented in developing countries (where the majority of stillbirths occur) by simple measures or medical procedures. As for stillbirth prevention in developed countries, educational methods/campaigns are being actualized and look promising as well.

In order to stay true to ISPID's expanded mission to include stillbirth, committee members are working to develop up-to-date information on stillbirth, to provide resources for stillbirth parents and researchers, and to build a strong representation of stillbirth parents and researchers in the ISPID membership. The Group is working to foster collaboration with other stillbirth organizations and also working to organize research on stillbirth prevention with outcomes for the ISPID 2012 Conference and beyond.

The Stillbirth Working Group warmly welcomes anyone interested in helping to work towards the goals of the committee.