NGO that provides peer support for families whose child has died.



Missions, Goals and Objectives

KÄPY's mission is to support families who have experienced the death of their child. KÄPY provides peer support, peer training as well as training for professionals, promotes the interests of families and takes part in research.

History and Background

KÄPY was started in 1991 when a group of parents who had babies die from cot death decided to get together and develop support for families who have faced the same tragedy. Already during the first years, many of the support activities that were established were still going strong: peer support groups, education for volunteers, peer support persons. Until today KÄPY has been growing a lot, today KÄPY gives support for all families who have faced the death of their child, no matter how their child died or how old the child was. Every time a child dies before his/her parent it is considered as a child death.

Targeted Population

Peer support is given to parents, siblings and grandparents. Education is provided for professionals who meet grieving families.

Incidence of Child Deaths in Finland, year 2012 (population 5 400 000)

  • Number of child deaths: 519
  • Stillbirths: 161
  • 0- to 1-year-olds: 141 (cot deaths 12)
  • 1- to 14-year-olds: 98
  • 15- to 19-year-olds: 119
  • Perinatal mortality rate: 3.9/1000 live births
  • Infant mortality rate: 2.4/1000 live births

Examples of KÄPY's Activities And Ongoing Projects

Counseling line

KÄPY offers support, information and guidance to family members who have faced a death of a child. The need for other support is evaluated with the family. Relatives, friends, professionals etc. can also call the counseling line and discuss matters around child deaths.

Peer support groups

KÄPY's volunteers are trained to lead peer support groups in different parts of Finland. The groups have meetings once a month.

Peer support persons

KÄPY's volunteers are trained to support other parents either by meeting them or by phone or e-mail.

Family Weekends

Three times a year there is a family weekend where parents have their own discussion groups and siblings have their own peer support groups.

Tailored Meetings

KÄPY organizes meetings for grandparents and families who have experienced the death of an adult child.

Educational Weekends for Volunteers

All peer support persons and peer support group leaders take part in an educational weekend before they can start as KÄPY's volunteers. KÄPY provides professional guidance for active volunteers.


Support booklet for families in Finnish and Swedish language, booklet about supporting a grieving child in Finnish language.

Organizational Structure

KÄPY's activities are organized by two staff members, a committee of nine members and 130 volunteers.