The table below gives an overview of international mortality rates from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and from total post-neonatal mortality (PNM). All rates are cases per 1000 live births per year. This table will be gradually completed for the most recent years. National definitions and sources are listed here.

The year when national risk reduction campaigns began is indicated in parentheses after each country. In some countries, regional campaigns began one or more years before the national campaign, or only regional campaigns were raised.

If you are using a tablet computer or a smartphone, you can use your finger to scroll horizontally through the yearly columns in the table below.

Countries/Year 201520142013201220112010200920082007200620052004200320022001200019951990
Argentina (2003)                  
 SIDS (b)          0.490.470.490.580.440.530.760.81
 PNM          4.494.625.945.585.625.658.129.40
Australia (1991)                  
 SIDS (a)          0.320.220.290.430.430.510.751.81
 PNM          1.321.441.451.641.581.731.873.18
Austria (1989*)                  
 SIDS (a)
Belgium (1995/96)                  
 SIDS (a)           0.44n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.1.191.63
 PNM         1.461.351.401.44n.a.n.a.n.a.2.582.80
Canada (1993)                  
 SIDS (a)          0.330.240.280.330.340.370.660.81
 PNM         1.301.321.281.321.471.431.661.952.21
England/Wales (1991)                  
 SIDS (b)        0.380.430.300.320.290.320.400.410.611.70
France (1994)                  
 SIDS (b)        0.260.320.320.370.340.380.450.460.761.83
Germany (1991*)                  
 SIDS (b)
Ireland (1992)                  
 SIDS (a)        0.410.360.380.510.580.570.700.860.642.20
Israel (d)                  
 Unspec. causes (a)          0.9    1.1 1.9
 PNM          1.6    1.8 3.2
Japan (1998)                  
 SIDS (b)
Netherlands (1987)                  
 SIDS (a)
 PNM         n.a.
New Zealand (1991)                  
 SIDS (a)        0.900.800.801.241.090.800.901.102.092.90
 PNM        2.202.401.902.602.061.982.602.503.534.21
Norway (1990)                  
 SIDS (a)          0.300.250.230.340.420.440.481.7
Scotland (1991)                  
 SIDS (a)       0.370.540.480.390.530.800.550.600.600.722.0
Sweden (1992)                  
 SIDS (a)
 PNM          0.960.930.881.
USA (1994)                  
 SIDS (c)        0.570.550.540.550.530.660.550.620.871.30

*) No national, but regional campaigns.
a) The number of SIDS deaths in the most recent year was <100.
b) The number of SIDS deaths in the most recent year was 100–999.
c) The number of SIDS deaths in the most recent year was ≥1000.
d) Because of the very low autopsy rate in Israel, SIDS is not explicitly diagnosed, but presumed SIDS and other sudden unexpected deaths in infancy are included in the category "All other and unspecified causes". The data in the 1990 column are for 1990-1994, in the 2000 column for 2000-2004, and in the 2005 column for 2005-2007. Data for single years are not available.
n.a. = Not available or provisional.