What is SIDS?

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), or cot death, is the sudden and unexpected death of an infant under one year of age, with onset of the lethal episode apparently occurring during sleep, that remains unexplained after a thorough investigation including performance of a complete autopsy, and review of the circumstances of death and the clinical history. Further information on SIDS is available here.

What is perinatal death?

A perinatal death is either a stillbirth or a neonatal death. Neonatal deaths are those deaths of newborn babies that occur within 28 days after birth. Stillbirth is defined as the delivery of a child after 20 weeks gestation or 400 grams who did not breathe or show evidence of life such as a heart beat after delivery. Further information on stillbirth is available here.

What is swaddling?

Swaddling, or firm wrapping, is a traditional infant care practice which has been used in some form or another by various cultures since medieval and ancient times. Swaddling has recently become subject to some controversies. The ISPID statement on swaddling is available here.