Stillbirth Summit 2017

The Stillbirth Summit 2017 was convened in Bloomington, MN (USA) from 21-23 June 2017. Please click here for more information.

Stillbirth Summit 2014

Legacy Foundation's 2014 Stillbirth Summit was held in Medina, MN (USA) on 19-21 June 2014. The theme was Stillbirth Prevention: Identifying and Protecting the Vulnerable Baby. The format featured emerging research in stillbirth prevention, risk reduction and bereavement care. The 3-day conference included two days of clinical presentations and discussions followed by one day of bereavement presentations and discussions.

Stillbirth Summit 2011

The Stillbirth Summit 2011 was convened in Minneapolis, MN (USA) on 6-8 October 2011. You may want to read a summary of that event. Details about the summit proceedings are listed here.