The Executive Board of ISPID consists of 7 individual members and 6 representatives of organizations.

Individual Board members are Peter Blair, PhD (UK); Marta Cohen, MD (UK); Fern Hauck, MD, MS (USA); Virginia Kanopa, MD (Uruguay); Rachel Moon, MD (USA); Carrie Shapiro-Mendoza, PhD (USA); and John Thompson, PhD (New Zealand).

Organizational Board members are the Scottish Cot Death Trust, represented by Lynsay Allan; the Lullaby Trust (UK), represented by Helen Ball, PhD; the American Association of SIDS Prevention Physicians (USA), represented by Bob Darnall, MD; Robert's Program (USA), represented by Richard Goldstein, MD; the American SIDS Institute (USA), represented by Betty McEntire, PhD; and the Israel Foundation for the Study and Prevention of Sudden Infant Death (Israel), represented by Anat Shatz, MD.

Among the Board members, the following Officers were elected:

  • Chairperson: Betty McEntire, PhD
  • Deputy Chair: Fern Hauck, MD, MS
  • Secretary: Carrie Shapiro-Mendoza, PhD and Lynsay Allan
  • Treasurer: Richard Goldstein, MD

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