The Executive Board of ISPID consists of 7 individual members, 6 representatives of organizations and 1 ex-officio member.

Individual Board members are Peter Blair (UK), Marta Cohen (UK), Fern Hauck (USA), Virginia Kanopa (Uruguay), Rachel Moon (USA), Carrie Shapiro-Mendoza (USA), John Thompson (New Zealand).

Organizational Board members are Red Nose (Australia), represented by Tracy Meredith, the Lullaby Trust (UK), represented by Helen Ball, the American Association of SIDS Prevention Physicians (USA), represented by Bob Darnall, First Candle (USA), represented by Barb Himes, the American SIDS Institute (USA), represented by Betty McEntire, and the Israel Foundation for the Study and Prevention of Sudden Infant Death (Israel), represented by Anat Shatz.

Ex-officio Board member is former ISPID chairman Martin Schlaud (Germany).

Among the Board members, the following Officers were chosen:

  • Chairperson: Peter Blair
  • Deputy Chair: Betty McEntire
  • Secretary: Rachel Moon
  • Treasurer: Fern Hauck

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