ISA-ISPID 2021 Going Digital

The ISA-ISPID conference committee has decided to have our 2021 conference all virtual. The meeting will occur on a high-tech internet meeting platform on 11-13th November 2021.

We are sure you share our disappointment that we won't be able to see each other in person. But due to COVID travel restrictions we have no choice. And there are some advantages to a virtual platform. It allows people from around the world who would not be able to travel to an in-person conference to participate and at a much-reduced cost. It also allows people to view all presentations that would occur simultaneously in an in-person conference. And the new virtual meeting platforms actually facilitate interaction with the speakers.

Soon we will be inviting you to submit abstracts for individual presentations as well as workshops. Abstract deadlines will be provided soon. Our program committee is working on convening some great keynote speakers.

The website will be updated as the information is available. And we'll keep you updated.

Betty McEntire, PhD and Prof. Vicki Flenady