ISPID welcomes professionals, students, parents, organizations, and all others who support and share our goals to become a member. To apply for membership, please use the form below.

Annual membership dues are being kept as low as possible:

Type of membershipDues
Individual researchers, professionals, etc.$70.00 USD
Organizations$70.00 USD
Students, families, retirees, from developing countries, etc.    $35.00 USD

To apply for membership, simply fill in the form below. Entries to fields with an asterisk (*) are required. By submitting your application you declare to accept all terms of the ISPID Bylaws and to share ISPID's goals. In case you need support with your application, please feel free to contact the ISPID secretariat.

Membership Application Form

Membership Application
I do accept all terms of the ISPID Bylaws and share ISPID's goals.
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