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List of stillbirth research projects

Below is a list of all stillbirth research projects entered into this data base so far. By clicking on any column head, the sequence of projects can be changed in ascending or descending order. The list can be filtered by clicking any alphabetic character in the row on top of the list, or by entering a search word. A click on the study title opens a window with full information on the selected project.

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Stillbirth database

Title Collaborators Status Completionyear
Fetal response to maternal sleep position Chris Wilkinson, Jane Warland, Janna Morrison, Jill Dorrian, Kurt Lushington, Louise O’Brien, James Martin, Declan Kennedy, Yvonne Pamula, Svetlana Bogomolova In Progress 2016
Study of Trends and Associated Risks for Stillbirth (STARS) STARS consortium listed in alphabetical order: Collins JH, Heazell AEP, Huberty JL, Kliman HJ, McGregor JA, Mitchell EA, O’Brien LM, Parast M, Peesay M, Stacey T, Warland J, Wimmer LJ. Completed 2016
The Midland and North of ENgland Stillbirth Study (MiNESS) Dr Alexander Heazell. Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Obstetrics, Clinical Director of the Tommy's Research Centre (University of Manchester) Professor Ed Mitchell. Professor of Child Health Research (University of Auckland). Department of Paediatrics, University of Auckland. Dr Tomasina Stacey. Lecturer in Maternal care. Univerity of Leeds. Dr Bill Martin. Consultant in Maternal Fetal Medicine (NHS) Birmingham Women’s Hospital. Dr Devender Roberts. Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine. Maternity and Imaging Dept. Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Professor Lesley McCowan. Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. University of Auckland. In Progress 2016
The New Zealand Multi-centre Stillbirth Study Prof. Lesley McCowan Assoc Prof John Thompson Ms Robin Cronin Ms Billie Bradford Prof. Edwin Mitchell Dr. Alec Ekeroma Assoc Prof. Beverley Lawton In Progress 2016
Baby Loss Surveys at Study Team: Pat Flynn PHD - First Breath and Loss Doulas International Donna Murphy LPTA, BLD - Loss Doulas International & President of Heaven’s Gain LLC. Study Coordinators: Pat Flynn PHD - First Breath and Loss Doulas International Donna Murphy LPTA, BLD - Loss Doulas International & President of Heaven’s Gain LLC. Mary Burwinkel MD Susan Meyer RN Julian Hein BS - IT Consultant In Progress 2018
Interconception care to prevent PTSD symptoms after stillbirth Dr. Jennifer Huberty, Arizona State University; Dr. Jenn Leiferman, Anschultz Medical Campus; Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, Arizona State University; Dr. Katy Gold, U of M Family Medicine; Dr. Michael Belvea, Arizona State University; Dr. Matthew Buman, Arizona State University; Dr. Edward McAuley, Exercise Psychology Laboratory; Jules Mitchel, Consultant; Jeni Matthews, Arizona State University; Christine Glissmann, Arizona State University In Progress 2019
Investigation of the Outcome of Pregnancies Complicated by Increased Fetal Movements (INVEST) Dr Andrew Sharp, University of Liverpool, UK. In Progress 2019
Estimated Placental Volume ResearchKit App Study Harvey Kliman, Yale University In Progress 2020