ISPID Statement

Fear-based prevention strategies may be harmful and should be stopped

Besides the important goal of preventing perinatal and infant death, ISPID also has the goal of providing education on bereavement and advocating for bereaved parents. ISPID is deeply concerned with recent health promotion campaigns that vilify parents or go too far with symbolism (for example: bed headboards as tombstones, or mothers depicted as meat cleavers or ogres in fairy tales). These over-simplified health campaigns might also mislead the public on the facts surrounding SIDS and its prevention.

We believe that such strategies are unnecessary, can be misleading and are very hurtful to parents who are already in deep pain. We disavow such strategies and encourage those who create campaigns for perinatal or infant death prevention to seriously consider the impact on parents who have had babies die and the extreme fear these might cause those parents with newborn infants.

For the latest evidence-based information on SIDS Prevention, please see ISPID's reduce the risk advice.